Gender and Sexuality Workshop: The Pink Practice

Plenary session, 8th November, 14:30

Presenter: Valerie Weidinger (Austria)

This workshop, called "The Pink Practice" is built on the questions under the following link: . These questions are used in a role-game of a high-school student and his/ her psychologist, in which the student is being confronted with accusations based on his/ her heterosexuality. The aim of the workshop is to have a closer look at how a norm is contructed and how the members of society "not fitting the norm" are faced with discrimination, accusations, violence etc. In most of our societies this considered norm is heterosexuality, in the role-play the norm is homosexuality, turning the questions homosexual members of the society often face around and against heterosexual persons.
(If you are interested in a more detailed description and support in implementing the workshop, please contact Valerie:


To be honest the topic of “heterosexuality” is quite “hot” in my country and I haven’t participated in such kind of discussions so deeply. So for me it was a bit out of my “comfort zone” and that`s why made me thinking about this topic more and from another point of view.

Alla, Russia