„Los Otros“: How to prepare young people to deal with their own stereotypes

From October 30th to November 5th a group of 25 volunteers and staff members of SCI branches and partner organisations met in Madrid, Spain. As a follow-up of the seminar colled “Picturing the Global South: The Power behind Good Intentions”, the TP had implemented the year before together with SCI Austria, this seminar aimed at:

Going deeper into the reflection started in 2015

Discussing stereotypes about the “Global South”

Discussing stereotypes about the “Global South” in the “Global North"

Exchanging methods for the preparation seminar of volunteers going to the “Global South”

Exchanging methods for the evaluation seminar done with those volunteers that just returned

And finally improving the toolkit that was developed in 2015: http://pooloftrainers.sci.ngo/resource/toolkit-psgoodintentions

The approach in the five working days of the seminar was to use nonformal education to facilitate discussion, exchange and self-reflection. A lot of input and feedback for the toolkit were collected, which is currently being further developed based on the input of the participants of this seminar. The TP looks forward to the new version of the toolkit and hopes that it will be a basis in the future educational work with workcamp volunteers, in giving tools for preparing without stereotyping, evaluating with the aim of supporting volunteers in becoming active citizens and in general for breaking stereotypes!

 This seminar was a collaboration of TP and SCI Madrid, funded by Erasmus+. The facilitator team consisted of Thomas Schallhart, Matteo Testino and Valerie Weidinger.