TP evening workshop at ICM 2014

Electronic communication makes life much easier nowadays, nevertheless, a face-to-face meeting will always have an advantage over any webpage info or email correspondence. Therefore, the Pool of Trainers offered such opportunity during the last SCI International Committee Meeting in Serbia. Gośka, Ingrid and Matteo invited ICM delegates to an evening workshop with the aim to make participants learn more about the TP and the possible ways of cooperation (hiring a TP trainer, doing a joint project, consultancy on educational matters, etc.), and also to gather feedback on the functioning of the TP and its place in the movement.

To support the process, we prepared an info poster with TP names and some words on our plan of action, and "history of TP in pictures" with drawings. We also presented the TP webpage and our promo video. Moreover, we made an exercise during which we collected feedback regarding how TP should look & work. We thank all the participants for their valuable inputs to the discussion!

Apart from the workshop, the TP team made a contribution to the official SCI Plan of Action 2015, adding our foreseen training projects, and the plans to develop the database of SCI educators and the library of tool kits and other SCI educational resources.

It is going to be a busy and fruitful year!