Interested in inviting a member of the Pool of Trainers and Facilitators for your training/ seminar/ meeting? We will be delighted to support you and provide a high quality job for your event. After the initial contact from your side, one member of the TP will be assigned to your project, being involved in all steps of preparing, implementing, and reporting.

Before contacting us, we kindly ask you to read about our working requirements:

  • The TP member responsible for supporting your project has to have a contact person in the requesting organisation/ working group, who will be expected to cooperate efficiently with the TP trainer/ facilitator.

  • The trainer/ facilitator has to be offered a fee for his or her work.

  • Travel costs have to be covered 100%.
  • Food and accommodation during the preparation process on location have to be covered by the hosting organisation.

  • During the event, the trainer/ facilitator has to be provided with a contact person being responsible for logistics. The members of the TP do not take the responsibility for any logistical issues. In special cases, individual agreements can be discussed with the trainer/ facilitator before the training/ seminar.

  • If possible, the trainers and facilitators should have a separate room from the participants.

  • In case of projects administered by the TP (i.e. when TP helps with the project writing, partners’ search, realization and reporting), any surplus acquired through the training project has to be split equally between the hosting branch and the TP. With this the TP will provide a payment to the coordinating TP member and cover the team’s running costs.

Does your cooperation proposal fulfill the above-mentioned points? If so, send us an email at To facilitate the cooperation, please attach to your email the following form with all the information needed by us: template_form.doc