Go Visual! Icon Dictionary on Migration

With this electronic publication SCI Poland equips teachers and educators with a set of 51 icons – simplified drawings – that allow to visualise in a few seconds concepts like: refugee, persecution, migration, discrimination, support, integration, etc. The icons are easy to redraw and need no artistic skills – literally everyone can copy them!

The dictionary, with content by Małgorzata Tur and drawings by Dominika Ratajczyk, is intended mostly for trainers, teachers, and facilitators, although also many other groups may find it useful. It is universal and can be used by educators in various countries.

The icons can be used to visualise different aspects of forced and voluntary migrations. They were carefully chosen as to portrait several stages of the migrant’s life.

The icons should assist the educators in transferring the message – no matter if it aims to increase the participants’ knowledge, skills, or change their attitudes. The pictures complement the verbal message, and additionally arouse emotions, as they help to empathise with refugees and other migrants.

You can copy the icons and make print-outs, you can show them in your digital presentation, but – even better – you can practise to draw them on a flipchart or whiteboard, and draw them live during a lesson or workshop, in any size and combination you need. All icons have been created in a way that allows them to be drawn in 5-10 seconds, even by non-professionals.

Please feel free to experiment, alter or combine icons, or draw a new one! We hope the dictionary can have subsequent editions, and we will happily include your icon idea in the next one! Please send them to malgorzata.tur@gmail.com or post on Facebook using the #govisualhashtag.

We also encourage you to post on Facebook photos of your flipcharts, and snaps from your workshops, tagging them with the same #govisual hashtag (remember to categorise your post as ‘public’). It will be a valuable feedback for us regarding where and in which situations our icon dictionary is used!

The publication was developed within the “Go Visual! Creative education about migration” project by SCI Poland with the financial support of the European Commission.

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