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SCI uses non-formal education to promote a culture of peace and non-violence. Our members hold workshops in schools, on seminars, meetings, trainings, workcamps and in other contexts and over the year this strong engagement has led to a very interesting and big pool of resources produced and/ or used by people active in SCI.

The Pool of Trainers and Facilitators acknowledged this and decided to collect as much as possible of the resources in one place. This shall make it possible for SCI volunteers, activists and staff members to easily find and access the tools they are looking for for certain workshops as well as share the tools they use or have designed.

If your are planning to hold a workshop, no matter which topic and target group, have a look at our database and find the right tools for you.

Pierre Cérésole - A lifetime serving Peace

Brochure published in the occasion of the exibition dedicated to Pierre Cérésole, the pacifist activist and founder of SCI, organized in 2010 as part of SCI's 90 years celebrations.

GaiaZine 5

This is the magazine of the GAIA working group that is dedicated to promoting sustainable development and living, and activities that help reduce climate change and its effects.


Toolkit On Intercultural Dialogue

A team of SCI volunteers gathered and collected information on the concept of intercultural dialogue, methodological information on how to build a non-formal education session including games and w

Climate for Peace Actions Leaflet

Climate for Peace Actions Leaflet

Contribute to a sustainable world through Actions of Service Civil International


Peace messenger - weekend training

This descirption of a weekend training gives and idea how to structure a short training for peace messengers.



Within SCI the working group NO MORE WAR ( implements activities promoting anti-militarism and a culture of peace.


Evaluation tree

This image can be used to stimulate a sharing process during evaluation or reflection of a seminar/ workshop/ etc. 


reACTING to online hate speech

During an SCI study stession organised in the European Youth Center Budapest 2014, the participants collected information and workshops to promote NO HATE SPEECH.


Culture matters

Culture matters is a toolkit with exercises on defining and discussing culture.


Manual for Intercultural Competencies

This Manual gives an introduction in Intercultural Competencies.