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SCI uses non-formal education to promote a culture of peace and non-violence. Our members hold workshops in schools, on seminars, meetings, trainings, workcamps and in other contexts and over the year this strong engagement has led to a very interesting and big pool of resources produced and/ or used by people active in SCI.

The Pool of Trainers and Facilitators acknowledged this and decided to collect as much as possible of the resources in one place. This shall make it possible for SCI volunteers, activists and staff members to easily find and access the tools they are looking for for certain workshops as well as share the tools they use or have designed.

If your are planning to hold a workshop, no matter which topic and target group, have a look at our database and find the right tools for you.


The Pink Practice - Hetereosexuality Questionnaire

"The Pink Practice - Heterosexuality Questionnaire" is a workshop based on the hetereosexuality questionnaire of Pink Practice (http://www.pinkpra


Education Pack "all different - all equal"

The Education Pack "all different - all equal" contains practical and theoretical materials designed to help people understand the causes of racism and intolerance and learn to value differences be


Gender Matters

Gender Matters manual provides practitioners in human rights education with specific education tools and insights for a gender-sensitive approach to human rights education.



A manual on human rights education for children



A Manual on Human Rights Education with Young People

Ecoguide for greener SCI offices

This guide is a colelction of different tips on how to make your own organization more environmental friendly, starting from everyday work in the office to the decision making of the board.

Volunteer's Guide for Green Life

This guide could be used as a starting point to think in a more global way and to realise that our actions have an effect on the environment.

Campleaders Eco-Handbook

The Campleaders Eco-Handbook is a guide, proposal for campleaders who would like to spread the idea of ecological awareness among the volunteers in a more interesting way and make their camp as env

Climate for Peace Toolkit "How to Organize Sustainable Workcamps"

This tool for change is the result of an ongoing effort of Service Civil International Branches, Partners and working groups to support and implement Climate Justice best practices



International collections of methods that could be used directly in working with groups and youth work