Boglárka Meggyesfalvi

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I am a working as a volunteer programme coordinator for an international, independent NGO, helping abandoned children to participate and learn through voluntary activities, - and child protection institutions to better fulfill their missions. I have a long history of working with vulnerable children and youth as a volunteer, educator and programme coordinator in Hungary and in abroad.

I did my European Voluntary Service in Argentina in 2008 working with street kids - a life changing experience that shifted my main interest from mathematics to social work and education.

Deeds and Words stayed one of my mottos since I joined SCI - and I like working with people who behind words are also ready to take actions. If you have good ideas, contact me and let's work together :)


Fileds of expertise: 

Volunteer management

Social Inclusion

Volunteering with children with special needs 

 Human Rights / Children's Rights

 Conflict management

Experience with SCI: 

I became an active member of Útilapu - SCI Hungary during high-school. I attended the first Peace Messengers (PM) training course in Serbia which was a very inspiring experience. After the training course I started running PM workshops both in the office and visiting Hungarian and Austrian workcamps. We established the informal SCI group of PMs and I became involved in organising workshops on volunteers' motivation, Human Rights and other topics in different international seminars.

 In the meanwhile, after leading several workcamps, I became the leader of the Workcamp Organising WG of Útilapu and started to run training courses for campleaders and outgoing volunteers on a regular base. 

 In 2010 I became the vice-president of Útilapu and leader of the Hungarian YUWG. I was finishing my BAs in Social Studies and Educational Studies in the university and I felt prepared to work with more vulnerable groups of volunteers. I started to train volunteers on how to work with minority groups and children living in alternative care on a long term base. It is important for me to emphasise the involvement of disadvantaged children and young people in voluntary activities - I strongly believe we are only working for them if we are working with them. 

 I still lead workcamps every summer - trying to stay connected to the roots of SCI. During the year I am mostly active in YUWG and Open Doors activities.

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