Grace Walsh

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I have been working in the field of non-formal education with marginalised young people internationally and locally for the previous 9 years. This has allowed to me to develop education programmes for young refugees, young people in care and young people at risk of homelessness which enable them to become advocates for change on local and global justice issues. I also train and support volunteers as youthworkers and youth-leaders / facilitators.

Outside of my work with SCI, I am interested in education for sustainable development, resilient communities and decision-making processes and have lived and worked in Ireland's only Ecovillage which aims to create a living educational comunity in this field. I also have an avid interest in conflict / post-conflict work and have experience working and facilitating in Northern Ireland, Liberia, Sri Lanka and Palestine. I am passionate about processes that allow us to co-create spaces for learning in a ways that are creative, supportive, diverse and authentic. My academic background is in European Studies and Community Development. I am a member of the Irish National Agencies pool of trainers for the Erasmus+ Programme. 

I am currently based in Tasmania, Australia, working on a freelance basis. 

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I have designed and delivered local, national and international trainings and education programmes in the areas of non-formal education; project management; consensus deccision making processes; development education; youth leadership and participation; sustainable development; risk awareness (for European projects with children and vulnerable young adults); social inclusion; peer education and volunteer management. I am mostly use non-formal education and experiential educational approaches, along with participatory planning processes (Art of Hosting - World Café; Open Space Technology; Appreciative Enquiry; Theory U, PLA). I am a graphic harvester / recorder in training. 

Experience with SCI: 

Youth Programme Coordinator for VSI Ireland (2007 - 2015); "Create a Climate for Peace" SCI Climate Justice Campaign Prep Team member (2013 - 2015); Youth Unemployment Working Group Steering Group Coordinator (2008 - 2013); YUWG Annual Leader Training Coordinator and Trainer (2008 - 2013); VSI YUWG Local Working Group member (2006 - 2007).  

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