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I left italy when I was 16 years old and I moved to the USA where I complited high school and university. After I got a B.A. Degree in International Business at Lehigh University, I come back to europe and started working in the business sector. I work in paris and then in london with paribas, in london I was help analyst in the mining and mineral sector and I decide to change my life. I come back to italy and after a while I enroll in psicology university in florence. While studying I started to do theater and that became for a while my profession.

In 2004 I was in the coordinating team that run the festival D'VERSE festival of different and integrated theater and arts, which was part of the progam 2004 GENOA european culture capital. 

Between 2005 and 2007 I went through a Social Theater, in which we run workshops with people with disabilities (both physical and mental), people with drug use problems and prison mate. We did stage with the major directors in the field of social and integrated theater. After that I run my project in schools using theater as a tool to help integration of student with social and educational problems. In 2006 I founded a Theater of the Oppress company; Mercanti di Bachen, with some fellow actors. We did stage of TO and Theater forum from gender issue, to schizophrenic and psychiatric issues and many other topics. In 2007 and 2008 I did for 4 weeks theater in a mental disable school where we performed a play, Petite Prince noir created through improvisation of the kids (both from the school and the neighbor) taking inspiration from the little prince. 

In 2010 I founded with two other actress the theater company TEATRI NECESSARI, which does workshop, training and stages of theater all around Italy.

In 2011 I deliver a trainer of trainer of TO and invisible theater in Slovenia with nena mocnik. In 2012 I deliver a TO training in Hong Kong to high school student and in sri lanka a TO training to local activist. In august 2013 I deliver another TO and invisible theater training on gender violence to teach local activist how to use theater to deal with those issue and also post conflict ones.

I travel all over the world both alone and with work camps. I can speak as bilingual English since i live 6 years in United States.

At the moment I work as a fashion designer which give me the opportunity to meet many people which it is also outside of the social and theater field but more importantly i can plan my free time since it's a very cyclical work. Once or twice a year I organize catwalk which give me the opportunity to mix art and private fund rising.

Right now beside work I am trying to run a TO workshop weekly on women violence which might lead to a theater forum or invisible theater performance. With some fellow artists and teatri necessari including Valerie weidinger we are trying to organize a choir with prostitutes and citizen of the neighbor where we live.

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Social Theater, Disabilities, Social inclusion, Migration/ Refugees; Intercultural Dialogue/ Communication; Peace Education; Volunteering and Participation, Non violence, non-formal education

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Experience with SCI

I have been involved in Service Civil International since 2004, i was a trainer for volunteer since 2005 especially the one going to the global south but also camp coordinator. From 2007 to 2011, i was on the sci Italy board (as a trustee and board member) and from 2011 I have been a member of the international executive committee. I took part in 5 different nspm, 3 of which as a prep team member. I have been one of the founders of the no more war group in 2010 and i am still in the steering group. In 2012 I was the coordinator of the SCI PEACE CARAVAN. I was in different international project of sci, both as trainer and as prep team member, most important in 4 international one week trainer of trainer. I was in the prep team of one yuwg training and cordinated one yuwg project in 2010. Through SCI i deliver many training of trainers also teaching how to use theater as a tool to interact with the world and manage group dynamics.

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