Natalie Jivkova

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I am inspired and passionate about non-formal learning since the moment I had my first experience 17 years ago. Since then I have been volunteering and working in various projects (environmental, social, youth) in the non-governmental sector. In 2002 I started my experience as a trainer and facilitator thus supporting the learning process and personal development of youngsters and adults.

Fileds of expertise: 

I have designed and delivered national and international trainings and seminars on various topics such as teamwork, effective communication, intercultural learning, conflict management, project development, presentation and facilitation skills, training of trainers, volunteering, mentoring, organizational development, organized by municipalities, social institutions, schools and local and international NGOs.

Experience with SCI: 

I have been involved in SCI activities (on a local and international level) through CVS-Bulgaria, since the end of 2002, having different roles in the time - volunteer, volunteer coordinator, LTV coordinator. 

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