Sudam (Sam) Jayasinghe

Working languages: 
Sri Lanka
Country of residence: 
Hong Kong S.A.R., China
Short profile: 

In a training program we share our knowledge, reinforce the collective wisdom, and inspire people to see beyond the face value, question our own believes, practices and prejudices. As a trainer and a facilitator I try to create the best environment where people feel safe to be open to new knowledge, share what they know and encourage each other to improve our skills.

I studied social work and have worked in different areas of social work in the UK, USA as well as in Sri Lanka, which gave me a wide range of exposure to different social and cultural aspects. Since 2012 I have been living in Hong Kong exploring the Eastern way of life while I work for SCI Hong Kong.

I have been part of training teams at different settings and at one point I worked as a trainer for an UN agency on migration as my main job.

I am a keen workcamper and enjoy hands on physical work. As part of my work I lead groups of young volunteers from greater China (Hong Kong, mainland and Taiwan).

Fileds of expertise: 

Peace and Reconciliation, Conflict Management and Transformation, Community Development, Leadership, Asian Religions and Culture, Workcamp management and group dynamics, Working with young adults, NGO management and Social Work. 

Experience with SCI: 

It was my parents introduce me to SCI way of life. I grew up hanging out with international volunteers. I attended my first workcamp on my own in 1997 and the same year I got my driving license.  My first International workcamp was in 2001. I spent three months in India joining three workcamps. My wife and me have traveled to many parts of the world to join workcamps including Micronesia, USA, Australia and Japan. I have attended all the workcamps took place in Hong Kong since the beginning of SCI in Hong Kong except just one workcamp.

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