Valerie Weidinger

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I studied Social and Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies in the University of Vienna and finished both studies focusing my theses on migrant domestic workers, thus combining my two focus topics - migration and gender. Next to my studies I worked and volunteered with many NGOs in Austria, South Africa, Serbia, Mexico and now Italy, of which most focus their work on either volunteer exchange, gender, migration/ refugees and/or the positive breaking of stereotyopes. One of these NGOs is SCI and below you see my experience with this NGO. 

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Gender; Migration/ Refugees; Othering and Stereotyping; Intercultural Dialogue/ Communication; Peace Education; Volunteering and Participation

Recently I am starting to use Theater of the Oppressed more and more, and wherever I can I will do Laughing Yoga with participants 

Experience with SCI: 

I have been actively involved in SCI for more than five years. I started in SCI Austria and in 2012 I did my EVS in Serbia with VCV Serbia, and in both I held pre-departure trainings (in Austria also camp-coordinator trainings, north-south trainings, etc.). Furthermore I have been a Peace Messenger for many years (held workshops on camps and coordinated the writing of a toolkit on Intercultural Dialogue). Also in November 2011 I joined the No More War team, where I take part in fundraising activities, volunteer and work as a trainer and facilitator and formed a part of the coordination team of the Peace Caravan. This year I was also part of the prep-team of the NSPM in Antwerp.

In my years volunteering for SCI I have learned many things, but I would say two of the most important things I learned have been 1. to really believe that a culture of peace and non-violence is possible and 2. that the best chance of reaching this state are non-formal and informal education. 

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