Workshop # 2

                                   WORKSHOP # 2 - November the 7th, 9:00


                    Title: Somewhere between the ground and the sky

                    Presenter: Ada Sołtysiak, Asia Starczewska (Poland)


The workshop was based on feedback from junior high and high school students who took part in One World Association (OWA) workshops concerning human rights and discrimination. The methods who had the strongest impact were shared during the session.

Two activities were presented. As the title suggests, one was related to the ground (an activity with a map on the floor) and one to the sky (the Rainbow). During the first game, participants were invited to place their tags on a floor-map (not Eurocentric, being Beijin the center of the world!) in order to share thier stories and feelings.

The second activity was a game used in previous anti-discrimination workshops. Three small groups were created. Each group received some material (colors, pencils, markers, magazines, scissors, glue) that they could use to draw a nice rainbow. The material was not fairly destributed, though! So it happened that one group had very limited possibility for expression and creativity, and that affected the final results. During the debriefing session, the whole group had the chance to reflect upn the process and find similiraties with real life, equal opportunity and social inclusion.


Really nice and effective workshop, mainly the second game. I think it's a great tool to help people reflect about resources, cooperation, respect and equal opportunities

Mauro, Italy