Workshop # 6

                                        WORKSHOP # 6 - November the 8th, 9:00


         Title: Explode your fear

         Presenter: Vera Nikolova, Tamara Konstantinova (Bulgaria)



The workshop consisted in two activities: 1) elaborating fears about unemployement / social themes / other topics and 2) overcoming a challenge in real time which brings a psychological element and contributes to a deeper understanding of step-by-step approach while solving a bigger challenge.

Participants were invited to draw or write about their fears on ballons, that were lifted in the air (see picture) and exchanged. A reflection round followed. Each participant grabbed randomly a balloon and those who wanted to share comments or feelings about those they picked up were invited to speak. On the second part, participants worked in pair and got the task to think of a challenge that is difficult or uncomfortable to do for them personally or something they had never done. They had time to fulfil their challenges. During that time they are given the opportunity to walk around the training area or outside. They were given a set time, when they returned to the plenary, for the debriefing round.


When you get pesonally touched by the NFE method there is more chance that you will remember it and use it in the future. That what happened with me during this workshop. Of course, talking about your fears in front of bunch of people is not something you might enjoy but the idea of exploring it and then, literary, exploding is quite interesting.

Olga,  Russia